Free online summer courses for students. provides guidance to students to attend 1000’s of free world class online courses prepared by experts from world renewed universities.

2tion helps students to get best educational resources and connects with best Tutors.

Even though Governments are providing free Laptops, Tablets and easy Internet , the lack of e-learning websites and guidance to online courses make students spend more time in social networking and also in unwanted websites. For many students it becomes an addiction affecting their behaviour pattern. Most of the teenagers/ youths who are booked for sex related crimes are found to be frequent visitors of online pornography.

Online summer vacation course provides opportunity to students to freely attend 1000’s of world class e-learning courses and also in getting support from expert tutors of These courses engage students not only in productive activities but also help in shaping their Career .

These courses are available in PC’s , Tablets and Ultrabooks and are available in Samsung, Amazon Kindle, Aakash ( Datawind) Tablets , googleplay, etc,. The main advantage of this course is that anyone with basic computer proficiency can access from anywhere at any time.

Courses cover wide range of topics from photography to photosynthesis and cooking to Cosmic technologies. Also developing skills in fine arts like Piano, Guitar, Drums, Music and other related topics are freely available in this course . Most of these courses are prepared by world renowned Universities based on modern learning tools like MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses), CSCL ( Computer Supported Collaborative Learning), OER ( Open Educational Resources). More than million students across the globe already benefited from these courses.

According to Prof. Genesis (Rtd Vice-Principal of Loyala College) , the summer vacation gives necessary break from routine, sometimes even monotony from regular work and this vacation can be used with interest to enhance his/her knowledge in various co-curricular activities and also learning a few new things which provide guidance to his/her future. Education can be made an enjoyable excursion into the academics for the students through these courses.

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